GSoC 2021 | Faces of GNOME

As Google Summer of Code’21 comes to an end, the 3-month long journey has been nothing short of amazing. From developing the UI, reading documentations to adding new features and fixing issues. I am ecstatic to share that mostly all of the milestones for the development of the Faces of GNOME are complete and the entire source code can be found at GitLab. This is a summary of all the work done during and before the GSoC period and plans post-GSoC.

Project Abstract 💡

Faces of GNOME is a website built using Ruby based site generator Jekyll & JavaScript showcasing past, current GNOME contributors. It allows contributors to add personal custom information in YAML files used for data serialization. Plugins like jekyll-data-page-generator are used to parse the files and generate pages based upon the individual records.

It serves as a personal space allowing contributors having unique IDs to even host and create markdown supported blog posts with various search functionalities. Example of such profile can be found here.

The project aimed to have a full code-complete solution, with documentation, guidelines, and all the pages complete and ready to be launched which would allow the Faces of GNOME to succeed not only as a project and but also as a program.

GUADEC 2021 🎥

Coding Period 👨‍💻

  • Refactor: Populated social_networks.json (!24)
  • Feat: Add scripts for Pagination & search feature (!27)
  • Feat: Add slick carousel feature to display projects (!37)
  • Performance: Defer off screen loading of images (!48)
  • Feat/Fix: Blog posting & RSS (!51)
  • Style: Design improvements of Types of Contributors section (!52)
  • Feat: FAQs accordions (!53)
  • Refactor: Rename author_name variables (!54)
  • Feat: Outreach mentors showcase (!55)
  • Feat: Add open to work option for members profile (!58)
  • Feat: Outreach interns/students showcase (!59)
  • Feat: Add voice features to pronounce names (!60)

Some project glimpses 📸

Sample member’s profile
Project Maintainers showcase
GSoC Mentors/Students showcase

Roadmap ⏳

Acknowledgements 💯

Frontend Developer | Google Summer of Code'21 @GNOME